Posted by: Drew Wilson | October 20, 2008


I’m a huge fan of the band “Thrice”. I rediscovered them about a year or so ago and I’ve been listening constantly ever since. Last year they were on tour while I was gone to Nashville and they played like three shows in Texas while I was away and then to add insult to injury they played a show in Nashville…. THE DAY AFTER I LEFT. (sigh) So, to say the least I was troubled and  anxiously waiting for an opportunity to catch them live.

I was randomly surfing ticketmaster a few weeks ago and I saw they were on tour and my heart skipped a beat. (Ok, well maybe not exactly but i was really excited) So I’m finally going to get to see them…i guess 3rd time is a charm. haha….I missed them once, twice but now i will see Thrice.

 For most of you who haven’t heard of Thrice, they are a rock band and Dustin Kensrue is the lead singer and writer. Dustin is an incredible writer. He is a christian and uses much scripture in his songs and touches on topics that inspire and encourage me spiritually. Ther perfect mixture of musically creativity and strong christian message.  If you want to check them out their website is


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