Posted by: Drew Wilson | October 17, 2008

For Blog’s Sake…

Tim is harrassing me because there was nothing new on my blog. Apparently I’ve fallen down on my online presence. I’ve also neglected my faceboook as well. I got on for the first time in a few days and I had 22 notifications and a load of emails…(most of them about events that have already happend).  But that doesn’t mean that my life has been boring by any means, I guess it means just the opposite because I’ve been busy and have forgotten to blog. (happy now Tim?)

But I do have some very exciting news, my wife and I were making plans to visit our friends in Minnesota again this year, which is becoming a yearly tradition.  And last night we finally realized that we for sure we will be making the trip again this year thanks to our incredible Minnesota family. We love going up there for New Years and Christmas. We get to play in the snow and enjoy late nights of movies, games, concerts and every year we always have such an eventful trip that creates memories and stories to bring back the next year.

One side effect of all our trips to Minnesota is that when it gets close to Christmas time I start talking with a Minnesotan accent. I start saying things like “Oh for cute” and “Down dere”. They bought me a “How to speak Minnesotan” book my first year and I picked it up right away. Now any time I hear them talking I unknowingly pick it up. (does that count as a second language?).


  1. Yes, Drew, I’m happy now!

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