Posted by: Drew Wilson | October 22, 2010

THE LAST BLOG…(duh duh duh)

Dear friends,

This is my last day at KSWP and I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who encouraged, supported and helped me along the way. You’ve made a big impact in my life and it did not go unnoticed.

To the staff here at KSWP/KAVX I owe my love for radio. It wasn’t my goal to work in radio at all, God led me here and used YOU to show me that this is what I was supposed to be doing with my life.  Everything I’ve learned about radio is because a member of the staff has taught me or the station has allowed me to attend conferences to learn more. Thank you for your love, support and for putting up with all the random sillyness that I could dish out.

To the listeners and volunteers who have taken part in this ministry, it’s events and silly games I’ve been a part of …Thank You.  Together we have sang love songs on the air, gobbled like turkeys, answered the strangest trivia questions ever and we’ve also given out toys to help families through a tough Christmas, given blood for the sick and surprised random strangers on the street with gifts.

Come to think of it, we’ve done a lot together like sweating like crazy at the Blueberry Festival, we’ve recorded your kids singing Christmas songs for the world’s smallest carolers, we’ve sung along at concerts with bands like Leeland, Brandon Heath, Francesca, Brit Nicole, and Big Daddy Weave. We’ve had a blast and I’ve enjoyed it all. (i hope you have too)

By the way, all those things are not ending, there’s going to be plenty more where that came from I assure you as Jennifer will be taking over my position as Promotions Director here at KSWP/KAVX

So what am i doing? I have accepted a position with KSBJ in Houston working for their brand new NGEN station.  It’s a youth station featuring rock and hiphop and I’m really excited about continuing to serve through radio ministry there. Thank you again for your support and encouragement. (its not like i’m moving off the planet, haha, its like 100 miles)

Sincerely your friend,



Posted by: Drew Wilson | October 20, 2010

New David Crowder*Band Music Video

Check this out!!

Posted by: Drew Wilson | October 19, 2010

Supermarket Secrets…

Hey this is some pretty good info, check out the link  here to view the entire article where I found it.

1. Fewer ingredients = healthier food
Why is food with fewer ingredients healthier? Because additives and preservatives signal added calories, not added nutrition. Real food fills you up with the nutrients that keep you healthy—like protein, fiber, and healthy fats.

Bonus Tip: Just announced! Check out our list of The Best Supermarket Foods of 2010!

2. “Good source of” may mean “bad for you”
You’ll see the claim “good source of” on cereals, crackers, and Pop-Tarts. The thing is, rarely are these vitamins worth the calories they’re embedded in. They’re usually just run-of-the-mill vitamins that processors are required to add to enriched flour—vitamins that can actually wash off your cereal the minute you add milk to it!

Work the Edges3. Work the edges
When it comes to planning your path through the supermarket, stick to the fringes and venture only strategically into the aisles. The reason: The edges of the supermarket are where you find the healthiest food: dairy, produce, meats, and seafood. The aisles? That’s junk-food haven, the processed-food jungle, the nutritional dead zone.
Read More…

Posted by: Drew Wilson | September 29, 2010

Calm the Dinner Time Crazies

Found this interesting article on Christianity Today’s website.

Some pretty cool ideas about how you can help focus dinner time with your kids into an enjoyable time of family growth.

There’s tons of benefits to having a dinner with the whole family but its never as easy as it sounds, check this out and let me know what you think.

Check out the article here.

Posted by: Drew Wilson | September 17, 2010

Red Ink TV: The Channel presents “Rocky”

The Channel is releasing a new solo album called “Rocky”, a concept album comparing the Christian walk to the classic boxing movie Rocky. Kingdom Minded Records and the Red Ink Army are also presenting the brand new Red Ink TV and the first video is “A Pen and A Dream” by the Channel off the upcoming “Rocky” album. The album will be released on November 2nd and you can connect with the guys through the Kindom Minded Records website, the Red Ink Army facebook fan page and on twitter as well.

I personally encourage you to check this video out and pass it along to your friends. There is a serious lack of Christ honoring hip hop music and these guys are the real deal and live to share Christ on and off stage. Get to know the Red Ink Army, they will truly bless you, i promise that.

Posted by: Drew Wilson | September 13, 2010

Back from CMB in Orlando

Wow, what a week. I’m still not completely caught up on sleep from our trip to the Christian Music Broadcasters Conference in Orlando but it was a great trip.

We get to learn from leaders in our industry, meet many of the artists we play and get a chance to hang out with other radio station staff that do exactly what we do, all over the nation. It truly is a great time, hectic but great. Each year after CMB I always feel a refreshed sense of excitement about working in radio. Its truly an honor and a blessing to have this opportunity.

OK, well since I’ve been gone for a week I have a lot to catch up on. I will be posting some pictures soon on facebook so i’ll give you guys a heads up once I get those added.

Thank you for your support of KSWP/KAVX which allows us to attend conferences and learn how to serve you better!

Posted by: Drew Wilson | August 27, 2010

Tenth Ave North- Healing Begins

I’m not sure if I ever shared much about my experience with the guys from Tenth Ave. North but  meeting them and listening to their records has had a huge impact on my life. In a nutshell these guys are amazing. They are halarious, honest, fun and absolutely the real deal when it comes to their faith.

When they opened for Casting Crowns here at SFA a few months ago, I was absolutely blown away by the way they performed and shared the gospel so clearly and passionately in the few minutes they had on stage. I have never heard the gospel shared so simply and with so much wisdom from a concert stage.  It was something i’ll never forget.

If you listen to their records you will hear that wisdom, passion and honesty. I had their albums cycling in my car for weeks and weeks, you really cant get enough…

Also, I know its short notice but they are on tour and making some stops in Texas soon. They’ll be in Marshall, Houston and Waco at the end of September. If you can make it, I would highly recommend it.

Posted by: Drew Wilson | August 18, 2010

Confessions of a Identity Thief

Found this great article today, check out this list and there’s a link to the full article at the bottom.

1. Watch your back. In line at the grocery store, I’ll hold my phone like I’m looking at the screen and snap your card as you’re using it. Next thing you know, I’m ordering things online—on your dime.

2. That red flag tells the mail carrier—and me—that you have outgoing mail. And that can mean credit card numbers and checks I can reproduce.

3. Check your bank and credit card balances at least once a week. I can do a lot of damage in the 30 days between statements.

4. In Europe, credit cards have an embedded chip and require a PIN, which makes them a lot harder to hack. Here, I can duplicate the magnetic stripe technology with a $50 machine. Read More…

Posted by: Drew Wilson | August 11, 2010

Before and…After Edmund

Ok, so ignore the dumb title here, if you haven’t heard of the band After Edmund then you are in for a tasty treat. I had the pleasure of running into these guys last year while they were touring with Building 429 and Above the Golden State. (break for funny story)

So I’m backstage at this concert and I get like 5 minutes to do the fastest interview ever with the guys from B429. I thought i was getting like 15 minutes but you know, things change. I’m setting up my camera in the hallway because the road manager wont let me in the dressing room. (no hard feelings) This hallway is like an echo chamber and the restrooms/dressing rooms are at the end, only about 20 feet from where I’m doing the interview. We start talking and i can tell this audio is just not strong, I’m asking the Building guys to speak loud so I can ensure that the video will be usable and in the middle of this disastrous interview…one of the guys from After Edmund starts hacking up a lung in the bathroom and they’re all laughing and running around. (without pants I believe, haha) Thus pretty much putting the nail in the coffin for this interview hahaha. That’s when i knew these guys were going to be fun. The show was amazing and i’ve been a pretty hardcore fan ever since.

(back to the important stuff)

After Edmund is a Grammy nominated band that brings incredibly fun and passionate music without sacrificing the sharing of their faith and how it affects them. Their live show is one of the best and most fun i’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

The good news is you can be a part of one of their live shows too, very soon.  (Friday August 13th in downtown Henderson)

Here is the latest single/video for After Edmund.

Also other favorite AE songs include: Clouds, Thank God, Stealing Away, Like a Dream, Birds …and really the list continues. Both albums are excellent. really.

Posted by: Drew Wilson | August 10, 2010

Us and Them

Often times as believers, we find ourselves in a place where we are caught between being against sin (and anything less than God’s best) and being for people who commit them. Honestly, this is most evident when it comes to issues of gay rights and specifically gay marriage. (a pretty tricky subject at the moment)

We are called to love people but discourage sin.  So how do you cope when someone’s seemingly most important attribute is considered sinful by God’s word?

I love to see how Jesus responds in situations like this.

I think one of the most helpful interactions for this situation has to be Jesus’ meeting with the woman caught in adultery. (John 8:1-11)

Notice Jesus doesn’t seek legal action in her case. He offers grace and encouragement. Also note he does not take the view that what she has done is acceptable, but offers her a second chance to do things right.

Its funny how as a believer I understand that my connection with God is a relationship (not a list of do’s and dont’s) but its very easy when it’s another person’s actions in question its to throw the “rule book” at them.

There are no easy answers for situations like this but rather than just letting people know what God and his people are against, lets let them know what we are for. (more on that thought in a great article i read in Christianity Today)

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